Idk if any of you have this problem before in your childhood, or happens to your children.

Well, a huge school with more than 4000 people, can't even solve cases for my daughter. My daughter is verbally bullied, teased or insulted by her classmates for a year. It isn't a happy new year for us and I'll tell you that later. She was teased every day and got cyberbullied as she told me. Teachers did not even care about it, I thought teachers should help weak students? Instead, she told me those teachers have close relationships with the bullies and she even told me one of the teachers teased her together. Well, she did report to the principal, but he did not punish them and he even says it's my daughter's fault to care about such a small thing and should focus on study. How my daughter even focus on education when bullies are around her? The principal even said, "She teased you but they didn't beat you upright?" Well, the principal only advises the bullies to not bully her(THAT'S ALL). My daughter is the victim and being refused to explain the overall story and being said explaining is just giving EXCUSE? So did the bully gave you some tip or what? Well, my daughter tolerates it for almost a year. I really don't know what to do as a parent, I tried to convince her to be strong and don't be scared of them. But now, new year comes. Their class has been changed. She was changed to the other class together with the bullies( for real idk what is the principal thinking about) but her friends did not change. She asks if she can change class, I agreed. We went to the school and requested to change her class as she doesn't want to get bully anymore. And what's amazing is, the principal says you have to learn to tolerate and ignore what they say. Really? Its been a year, I don't wish my daughter to get bullied again for another year. So should I kneel down and beg you to change my daughter's class? Her friends have all been separated because of those bullies and you still want her to stay in that class to get bully? Well, I want to ask, do all schools do this? Do all schools think physical bully is the only serious matter but verbal bully no? Does changing one's class is so difficult? Well, I think leaving school is the best choice then. How ridiculous is this.

Before I end this, I would say maybe it's not this school bad, but the parents of those bullies have 0 education on their children.


Hi, I understand that this is a difficult and upsetting situation. What the principal told you is dangerous and wrong. As I'm sure you're aware, bullying can do a lot of damage to a child. We suggest that you obtain a copy of the school's anti-bullying policy and their complaints policy, both of which they are required to provide you with by law. Make a formal complaint about the school and your daughter's treatment. You may find it helpful to read our articles on general bullying advice, bullying at school and advice for parents. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.

hi I’m winter ❄️ like the weather...I’m 33 now getting old lol but I was bullied and by the teachers to boot! That principal seems like a complete an utter piece of work as you have made complaints against these nasty evil bullies you can go above the school if I was you I would go to whoever investigates things could be ofsted as he is deliberately putting them together it seems probably as you have complained some people get kicks out of hurting people it seems he’s doing that to you and your daughter the evidence is there so you would be in a strong position I would go on ofsted and find out who is above the school. I want to tell you cyber bullying is worse than being hit repeatedly so make sure you tell her to come of it all for a while I’m saying this as I’m being bullied now through social media and it feels like being trapped humiliated and sad and hurt trust me ask her how bad it is mainly that’s the worse as the scum can continue to bully while she’s at home and cannot escape it’s such a lonely and upsetting thing I feel so bad and a lot of suicides are due to this in young people I know how they felt and that moron of a principal is abusing your daughter and you can prove it! If your daughter wants to email or you do for some real help and advice I know help lines are helpful for some but il give you answers as I have been let down by the education system and also I’ve been bullied by most people and I’m not a weak person I’m embarrassed but it’s them that should be embarrassed I hate bullies with a passion and out of all the times I’ve been bullied the worst is the whole social media so please take my advice and give me an email if you would like to speak to her and explain what to do about the internet stuff I don’t mind I’m great with kids and adults alike I really bleeding hate what’s happening to you but you are not alone. 

but definitely get onto the people who can investigate the reason why he’s abusing his position of looking after children. Also explain to the idiot bruises fade but words don’t also that amount of deaths due to keyboard warriors is extremely high 

my email is but my names winter I’m using my mums account. I haven’t got an internet phone as I’m sick of reading the people trying to drag me down. I even had to move but you can’t escape these trolls now I’m ok with it because I don’t care, my mum got me through all of the bad times and that was through talking to her and her loving me I can talk about anything Trust me if it wasn’t for her I would not be here.

she needs you more than ever explain it’s not about being weak it’s just disgusting on their part and should be ashamed it’s the lowest thing. Bullying! I’ve always had the power to stop other people being bullied but on the internet I can’t stop it and if you react they want that it’s only an app they say well maybe but I feel so helpless and cannot escape it. But it’s all about coming to terms and talking 

my thoughts are with you and your daughter I feel so upset for both of you. Email me if you like I can help you with most things