I met my husband on line 16 years ago and moved to the UK 13 Years ago and got married. I initially bought my 13 year old son with me and my eldest son, who was 16 at the time stayed home. When my youngest turned 18, he went back home and that is when my heart broke completely. I have no family here except for my husband. 
I became a grandmother 2 years ago as my oldest son, now 28 has a child. I have become severely depressed and really unhappy as I've only seen my grandson 5 times in 2 years. 
My husband has not acknowledged this sweet boy and seems uninterested in anything to do with him. I'm miserable. I am only happy when I am home with my boys. 
There has been a lot of tension and total silence in my house. We never speak anymore unless it is about work and money. 
I want to be home and see my grandson grow up. He will never move back home with me.
Am I selfish to leave the UK and him?
Hi, I understand that this is a difficult and troubling situation. It sounds as though you're unhappy in your current situation and your husband doesn't sound enthusiastic either, so if neither of you are committed to this relationship then why continue it when you know you could be so much happier with the rest of your family? That doesn't sound selfish to me. Is it selfish to prioritise your own happiness and your connection with your family? I don't think so, but this is your decision to make. You may find it helpful to read our articles on divorce and separation. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at askus@familylives.org.uk or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.