My daughter has always been a very strong willed child since very early days, she is a sociable and very active child. My daughter has just turned 4 Years old and will be starting school in September.
At the moment its a crazy time and everything she knows and all the routine is out the window. we have to stay home and she doesn't understand why so we are obviously expecting some behaviour trouble. That's got to be normal!

But this has been going on much longer than this.
She can be such a good girl and we always praise her when she is good, she is very demanding and always wants my attention and the majority of the time she has it. As exhausted as I am, I give her my all.
She just won't listen to anything we say, you tell her not to do something and you know that she understands you. its said calmly at first but the more and more it goes on before I know it I'm shouting. usually out of fear for her because she's doing something that could cause her harm. She'll look straight at you and do it anyway.I don't want to fight and shout, I hate it! 
For example yesterday we was out doing some gardening in the front garden, we gave her things to do shovelling the dirt and planting her sun flower seeds. Started off relatively ok and then she's climbing the front wall. We tell her to be careful and not to go out of the garden. (as she's always been a climber, we've learnt to remain calm with this) Next thing she's out the garden, we live on a main road and although its not so busy at the moment, its dangerous and not something I want her to do.
I see so many other children her age and they seem to be so much better behaved, I love her character she's great but just so defiant. I feel she's really pushing us to our limits. 
Bedtimes have always been a nightmare, she won't sleep without me in her room, which I know isn't the best. I have tried many things and at first seem to work and then it just goes back to spending at least and hour getting her to sleep.
She has her bath, brush hair and teeth, I read her a story (Sometimes two if she's been well behaved) and I started sleep stories to create a relaxing place for her to fall asleep but she just plays up and won't sleep. and again at first your calm and then you get frustrated. 
At the moment its just feeling like a constant struggle and I feel like I'm doing everything wrong. I'm trying to stay positive as I know its a difficult and unusual time but on some days it really drags me down.
Any advice or anyone that can relate, would just be a help to me and mean so much.
Thanks x
Hi, I understand that this is a difficult and troubling situation. These are all normal behaviours for children her age, she's beginning to push boundaries to understand the world around her. She may understand that you don't want her to do whatever she's doing, but she may just do it because she wants to see what will happen. Discipline is a very important part of child development, if she does something wrong and nothing bad happens besides you getting frustrated then it may just come off as fine to her. Setting boundaries and being consistent with your discipline will let her know that these types of behaviours are unacceptable. You may find it helpful to read our articles on challenging behaviour. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at askus@familylives.org.uk or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.
Exhausted mum
I don’t normally look on things like this but tonight I’m totally at the end of my tether with my 4 year old. Everything you have described has hit the nail on the head for mine too!! I’m absolutely exhausted with him. I hav a 6 month old baby too, and I appreciate it’s hard for my 4 year old but I just feel I’m failing him, and in turn, failing my baby too! I cry most nights after the ordeal that is bedtime (same as you.... won’t sleep unless I’m in the room. I do story time but he’s absolutely feral! It’s like he gets a whole new lease of life when he goes in his bedroom. I tried decorating his room, he doesn’t hav toys in there, but he’s just a terror!!!)
please help 
I totally understand...I have a 4 year old boy exactly the same. I feel so powerless, I'm having a hard time to keep him from hurting himself and me. He doesn't listen at all, we are going backwards...it seems the more language skills he acquired, the greater the ability to ignore me. It's so frustrating.