Hi I am new to this forum. I am looking for people's advice or viewpoint on what I should do. I've been together with my boyfriend for just over 6 months. We live separately and see each other when we can although not at the moment due to lockdown.  I am a single mum to a 2 year old. I have some serious doubts about things. After a month of us being a couple he wanted to end things and said he felt something was missing between us. We talked things thru and decided to give things another go. 2 months on it was my birthday he didn't even buy me a card. At Christmas he did make an effort and I told him I loved him and he said loved me too. It's just he never compliments me. He has never said I look nice or anything since we have been a couple or give me any reassurance when I'm feeling self concious He says he finds it difficult to give compliments. His ex is phoning him a lot as a friend when she's upset looking for his advice and he knows this upsets me but defends her actions saying she does not have any other friends. Since lockdown he doesn't seem bothered we are not seeing each other
 Never asks after my daughter or says he misses her and I just feel he is distant for example he text me at lunchtime after I text him to see if he was ok. Not heard from him all day since then. Normally I'll phone him but I've decided now I'm not going to keep chasing this. What does other people think. Thank you for your help 
Hi, I understand that this is a difficult and upsetting situation. Maybe think about what you personally want from a relationship, how you'd like to be treated in these sorts of situations. If you're dissatisfied with the way he's treating you then perhaps it's not the sort of relationship you want to be in. Have you discussed this with friends and/or relatives? More perspectives might be helpful.