My son and his wonderful SO and he just last week had a baby. We live in the same town and previously saw each other occasionally, not often enough, but, that can always change! Folks are busy.

Yes, these are very stressful unique times to be social I guess, pandemic and all! Anyway they stated previously they would put a lid on visitors for a short while, and I completely understand, much to adjust to as brand new parents! 

Her mother, parents, live out of state but visit here often. She understandably wanted her mom with her at birth time, and local sister was there too.

The new parents had my x husband and wife meet the baby I learned as well as a few other of their family members...but, not me! I’ve been welcoming since meeting sons SO in fact stated to her, I now have another daughter, if my son loves her I love her. 

Although I know I was forewarned there’s a wait time, I am deeply hurt. I feel very much excluded. I offered to bring, fetch do anything asked if it would help them! A few pictures were released via text to me and after a week finally my sweet son called me. He stated friends are wanting to visit, no, no, they have to wait....I cried it hurt to realize I didn’t matter, I had to just hang up as I truly could not speak, and understand I don’t intrude, I ask for little, it’s been generally good, young folks are busy anyways. AOK. But, I would think I would be part of the inner circle of sorts. I love my two grown children as much as my son now loves that new sweet baby! 

Do I just wait, call and apologize for crying, for being hurt! Parents have feelings! Kindness and respect I thought I had! 

Hi, I understand that this is a difficult situation. As in all relationships, communication is key, let your son know how you feel. Without being honest with him there may be misunderstandings and crossed wires. You may find it helpful to read our articles on grandparents. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.