Hi, I'm 35 years old and have been divorced for just over a year.  My husband left to be with someone at his work and thos knocked my confidence quite a bit.

Shortly afterwards I started going out with some friends to the cinema and some clubs around once a week and this took my mind off things and I look forward to these nights out.

Three months ago we got quite a bit of attention from a couple of younger lads who are in their early twenties in a bar which I really enjoyed as it made me feel good.  My friends weren't interested but I liked it and played along with them.

At the end of the night I was going to leave with one of them and go back to my house for sex but they talked me into going back with both of them.

I loved it and it was a huge ego boost. I didn't expect anything further from the encounter but they wanted to meet up again and I eventually agreed to meet the following Sunday afternoon in town for coffee before we went back to my house again.

Now they just show up at my house for sex every Sunday.  I really don't mind as I find it pleasurable and am enjoying their attention but the last two times they had another of their mates in tow.  I was unsure the first time but went along with it and it was fine.

I know they are using me but it makes me feel good and I like it and look forward to seeing them again.

Cam I continue this?

Hi Katie

Thank you for your post. I can understand why you are looking for some guidance on this situation. It must have been hard for you when your husband left you and I imagine it must have been a painful time. In terms of your current situation, it is important to safeguard your wellbeing and ensure that you are not feeling emotionaly vulnerable. I can understand that this may be a distraction for you but it is important to deal with the emotions that come with a relationship breakdown. Have you thought about counselling or perhaps talking things through with someone about what you have been through? I encourage you to speak to our Email Support Team, you can email them at askus@familylives.org.uk for emotional support. Thank you.