Morning all, hoping you can help and offer some advice.
I'm feeling quite angry and low at the moment, so please be kind. 
I had a gorgeous baby boy 10moths ago today, and do not regret my choice one bit to leave my ex partner and move in with my mum.
The resentment that i have for my ex partner is that he never makes contact to talk/see his son over video call or even suggested a meet before lockdown  it was always me initiating it. I don't care if i dont see him, but for the sake of our son, I feel that it should be done. He's on the birth certificate and has openly said that he woudnthavw any right to see his son if he didn't make the effort now  - what does that even mean? He didn't want this kid but because he's here now, he's going to make the He effort to see him?
What is your interpretation?

Now.... he bought me out of our house gf has moved in (no problem, did not want his help with baby,he showed his true colours carry soon into pregnancy, not at all nice) but it seems, and i could be entirely wrong, but now that he has a new life, he doesn't seem bothered. I've asked for money for little ones up keep, perfect hes done that...does he feel guilty because he knows (even though he won't admit it) thst he cheated on me while I was and during my pregnancy?

Outside perspective most welcome, thanks in advance x