Hello, so this is my first post here. 
I need advice and no idea where to turn.
My ex partner has met a new girlfriend. They met at the end of November '19. They're engaged and she's 6 weeks pregnant. 
Now my ex is a bit of an idiot and decided to tell our 12 year old all this information at christmas and also made her promise not to tell his ex-wife (DD stills sees her, and Ex was still with his wife at the beginning of new relationship). So you see he is definitely not one that can be trusted with putting DD's needs first. Also asked her to lie to me so he could take DD to see new GF. 
Now we're up to date (ish): 
Just found out ex's new girlfriend has 6 children, 5 in foster care, youngest one adopted. Heres my dilemma. How do I find out why she lost her children, well not necessarily the full details but atleast if she's allowed to be looking after children and if I'm putting my child at risk by sending her?

I do not even want them meeting, especially so soon into a new relationship. But since he's moved in and I dont want to stop contact between them I'm lost at were we go from here. I have met the new gf and the story shes told me doesnt ring true, and was also shady when asking about what will happen to new baby and if shes allowed around daughter. DD has ASD and ADHD. So new people and change in routine are always an issue. And now how to we approach the baby situation if she/he could also be put into care?

Is there a way of finding out how safe my daughter is going to be? If GF is allowed to be alone with children or if I am putting her at risk. Whats my best directon to take from here?
Hi, I understand that this is a troubling and concerning situation. It may be quite hard to find out whether she's allowed to be around or looking after children and we're not legally trained and as such cannot provide legal advice. If Social Services were involved, you could contact them and ask about the situation considering your child is staying with her, but you would have to contact the Social Services in her area, via the local council. You can read more about Social Services here. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.