my daughter is 40 years of age. her son is 23years old & by bullying & verbal abuse controls every aspect of her life. he controls her bank card, deals heroin from the address & has filled the house with cannabis plants. i am 65 years of age & disabled..thios doesn't happen between certain hours on certain days when you are open. this is 24/7. my daughter will not do anything for herself, i don't know how to help her. she needs to get herslf to a refuge.  
Hi, I understand that this is a difficult situation. If there is illegal activity happening, the quickest way to remove him from her life would be to call the police. Also, if he doesn't pay for the home, then he has no legal right to stay there if she doesn't want him to, which would be another reason to get the police involved. She could also get a restraining order once a report has been made. Women's Aid may be helpful, you can contact them through their website. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.
Since 2018 I have had numerous occasions of harassment online from the same individual. To the point where they have made fake profiles of me and messaged people pretending to be me. 
They have messaged my family members, partner and previous partner. 
I have seen horrible comments made about me on random websites that come up in search when you type my name into Google. This person is persistent and won't stop. 

I don't know how to make it stop - they send me messages after unblocking me and then block me again..