Hi, please can someone advise me. My 15 year old has been bullied for over 4 years. The bullying is in the form of sexual rumours and targeting ANY friends she makes then making things up until they ditch my daughter. The bully has successfully targeted and destroyed friendships my daughter has made with 10 different people! 
This bully was excluded from school as a result of this but it made no difference, infact it was a badge of honour for her. Her mum is no help as she thinks her daughter is a princess and while excluded took her shopping and let her have a party etc. 
We took her out of school for 6 months and have since changed her school completely. The bully is still making rumours up and targeting friendship groups until they exclude her. These friends either get mad at whatever it is that is being made up or just can't deal with the hassle or drama so it's easier to leave my daughter.
She is destroyed. She has been in counselling for 6 months. 
Can I take legal action? I feel if this was me it would be harassment and slander but there seems very little repercussion for teenagers? I just don't know what to do? please can someone advise us? I am so angry and sad for my baby.
Hi, I feel your worry.  My son.. some years ago now... was bullied at secondary school but not in the same manner as your daughter.  His was threatening, physical bullying. What I did was, arranged a meeting with the parent(s) and child in question and someone neutral and talked and discussed very calmly (which wasn't easy) what was going on.  I sat back and listen to what the other parents said and the children in question although one was the ring leader, then my son put his version of events forward. The parents were horrified at what their child was doing and I think it helped them looking my son in the face. It did result in my son being left alone.  If your daughter can provide evidence as to what is happening to her will help.  I find bullies are often jealous of the person that they are bullying and you do have to pity them as bullying is the only way that they can get 'friends'.  My son is now nearly 30 and has done far better in life than the bully he was at school with at 15.  Encourage your daughter to join clubs if she doesn't already, she will find that there is a far more pleasant life outside of school.  Lots of luck to you all.
Hi, I understand that this is a difficult and upsetting situation. If your daughter is being harassed online then we suggest that your daughter and her friends just block this girl and ignore her since they have no physical contact with her. On the subject of legal action, we're not legally trained and as such cannot provide legal advice, we suggest you talk to a solicitor or go through the .gov website. You may find it helpful to go through our bullying advice website. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.