My daughter is 2 years 9 months and over the last 2 weeks her behaviour has got really bad she has at least 4+ tantrums a day just out of the blue where she screams uncontrollably that it doesn't matter what technique or approach we use we cannot calm her down. I am get very upset with it now as she has started hitting and scratching me and nothing I seem to do controls it. She screams and I just cant seem to console her. I have tried distraction but this doesn't  work either. When she is happy she is a lovely clever loving little girl. When she is at nursery she also seems to be ok. I have a battle every morning now getting her dressed and getting in the car seat!! I am physically and emotionally drained 😥 i feel so useless at the moment and feel like where have i gone wrong. Help!!! 
We also have a 7 year old and this is affecting him too 
Hi, I understand that this is a difficult and tiring situation. I'm sure you already know that they're referred to as the terrible twos, this is something a lot of parents go through and can simply be a phase that she will come out of once she learns that it doesn't get her anywhere. Maybe you could talk to other parents about the situation. If you're worried about her behaviour, if it seems extreme to you, then you can always consult your GP or a health visitor. You may find it helpful to read our articles on challenging behaviour. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at askus@familylives.org.uk or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.