Hi, I have a son who is 4 (5 in July), and I am at my wits end with his behaviour.
He cries at EVERYTHING! And I mean everything! For example he cried because his sister looked at him, I asked him to get dressed, I made him his favourite tea. The list is endless! And once he starts crying, he screams, gets angry and lashes out. Nothing I do calms him down, only makes him worse.
He gets himself even more upset when I ask to cut his hair, literally runs into the garden away from me and hides. He hasn't ever had a bad experience with a hair cut.
He gets upset when I try and talk to him about why he is upset and wont even look at me.
I am really feeling like a bad mother and don't know what to do or where to turn. 😭
If anyone has had an experience like this or knows anything to help, please let me know! 
Hi, I understand that this is a difficult and troubling situation. This could be a behavioural issue, perhaps you could discuss this behaviour with your GP and they might refer him for assessment. It sounds like it's been very difficult to pinpoint what sets him off. Maybe there's a common issue in all these situations that sets him off, something to keep an eye out for although don't worry if you don't find anything. Perhaps instead of asking him why, maybe ask him what would help or what he needs at that moment and that might give you a clue to the issue. You may find it helpful to read our articles on child behaviour. If you feel you need further support please e-mail us at askus@familylives.org.uk or call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 2222.